Past Masters

The Worshipful Master of the Lodge is called the Master of the lodge for the same reason that the leader of an orchestra is called the “Concert Master.” It’s simply an older term for “Leader.”  “Worshipful” is an English term of respect which means the same thing as “Honorable.”   In other organizations, he would be called “President.”

These men have served faithfully as Worshipful Masters of Conroe Masonic Lodge during their respective terms.


Alan McCollum 2020-2021
Jimmy Cook 2019-2020


Marc Celia 2018 – 2019
Michael DeFrance 2017-2018Dennis Foust 2013-2014
Al Pell 2016-2017Ryan Milliff 2012-2013
David Chandler 2015 – 2016Jim Clark 2011-2012
Kavin Barringer 2014-2015Lance Runnels 2010-2011


James Wiggins 2009-2010M. J. Tippie 2004-2005
Dale Arquete 2008-2009Doug Ruminer 2003-2004
Rodger Sawyer 2007-2008Michael Walraven 2002-2003
Norman Sloan 2006-2007C. P. Rowe 2001-2002
Joe D. Gannon 2005-2006Micky B. Worley 2000-2001


Alan D. McCollum 1999-2000Sharon Parr Nelson 1994-1995
Charles E. Goings 1998-1999Robert W. Farquhar 1993-1994
John W. Evins 1997-1998George E. Tones III 1992-1993
Ernest C. Zenier 1996-1997Brent S. Sherrod 1991-1992
J. D. Richardson 1995-1996William P. Hearn 1990-1991


Buck R. Kirk 1989-1990Bernard H. Patterson 1984-1985
James S. May 1988-1989Joe W. Weaver 1983-1984
David A. Jackman 1987-1988Boyd V. Archer 1982-1983
Richard L. Willy 1986-1987Phillip N. Zimmerman 1981-1982
George M. Matlock 1985-1986William N. Ferguson 1980-1981


Fred Rice 1979-1980T. E. Ferguson 1974-1975
L. M. Patterson 1978-1979O. D. McLeroy 1973-1974
Roy G. Brown 1977-1978C. E. Calcote 1972-1973
R. C. McRight 1976-1977Jack H. Boutotte 1971-1972
J. D. McDonald 1975 – 1976R. C. Chambers 1970-1971


C. H. Muse 1969-1970Leo T. Jones 1964-1965
Troy S. Alexander 1968-1969Thomas D Schrock 1963-1964
Warren W. Sherrod 1967-1968F. W. Lamp 1962-1963
J. P. Cruse 1966-1967F. L. Witt 1961-1962
Donald A Wells 1965-1966W. T. Hooper 1960-1961


O. G. Mize 1959-1960E. E. Houser 1954-1955
A. Y. Nichols 1958-1959J. E. Crenshaw 1953-1954
T. A. Gray 1957-1958B. E. Herbelin 1952-1953
D. E. Hearn 1956-1957C. C. Main 1951-1952
R. J. Gray 1955-1956T. B. Still 1950-1951


C. L. Thompson 1949-1950C. C. Johnson 1944-1945
W. E. Reed 1948-1949C. F. Young 1943-1944
Homer Hutson 1947-1948R. W. Haney 1942-1943
A. J. Zumwalt 1946-1947B. L. Burleson 1941-1942
T. J. Shelton 1945-1946E. L. Frye 1940-1941


E. R. Wyatt 1939-1940L. F. Crooke 1934-1935
J. M. Sims 1938-1939A. A. Turner 1933-1934
G. F. Ramey 1937-1938Frank Howard 1932-1933
W. R. Greenaway 1936-1937S. T. Hoke 1931-1932
M. B. Winland 1935-1936T. E. Laly 1930-1931


Floyd Cox 1929-1930A. L. Bozarth 1924-1925
W. M. Conroe 1928-1929J. H. West 1923-1924
R. L. Hurt 1927-1928J. S. Patton 1922-1923
J. F. Combs 1926-1927John A. Boedeker 1921-1922
E. B. Wood 1925-1926J. O. H. Bennette 1920-1921


J. O. H. Bennette 1919-1920David Randolph 1914-1915
David Randolph 1918-1919A. W. Morris Jr. 1913-1914
Archie Taylor 1917-1918W. N. Hooper 1912-1913
J. W. Sloan 1916-1917N. E. Hearn 1911-1912
Howard Bennette 1915-1916J. W. Sloan 1910-1911


J. O. H. Bennette 1909-1910F. S. Christie 1904-1905
J. O. H. Bennette 1908-1909D. C. Tharp 1903-1904
M. K. Hunter 1907-1908F. W. Pitts 1902-1903
F. W. Pitts 1906-1907F. W. Pitts 1901-1902
F. W. Pitts 1905-1906D. C. Tharp 1900-1901


F. W. Pitts 1899-1900D. C. Tharp 1895-1896
M. S. Cooper 1898-1899C. G. Lefler 1894-1895
M. S. Cooper 1897-1898G. W. Bartle 1893-1894
D. C. Tharp 1896-1897
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