Support for Public Education

The role of Masons in the establishment of public education in Texas has benefited generations of Texans. As individuals and as members of the fraternity, Masons were influential and instrumental in the establishment of a strong public education system. Mirabeau B. Lamar, a Freemason and the second President of the Republic of Texas, is remembered as the founder of the Texas Public Schools and the “Father of Education in Texas.” Lamar’s views regarding education are clearly reflected in his statement, “The cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy.” This statement was adopted as the motto for The University of Texas.

In the early days of the Republic when a Masonic Lodge was built in a community, it was usually a two story structure. The building was designed to provide a lodge meeting room upstairs and a schoolroom for the children of the community downstairs. Masons provided the physical space for the school and, in many instances, paid all or part of the teachers’ salaries.

In 1848, it was determined that ten percent of the revenue of Grand Lodge be appropriated to support public schools. Today, the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas continues to support public schools.

Conroe Masonic Lodge has been supports education with three distinct programs.

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