Time for a little housekeeping…

housekeepingMany of you might not know that the generosity of our brothers has created a need for a little online housekeeping.  Conroe748.com, ConroeLodge748.com, ConroeMason.com, and ConroeMasonicLodge.com have all, at one time, been acquired and used to promote our lodge.

Today, I have redirected each of these sites to one common site, http://www.conroe748.com.  This and all lodge email services are now combined and managed by the lodge.  This will provide for seamless transitions year over year and make it easier for the leadership teams to manage communications moving forward.

I specifically want to thank Michael DeFrance, Lance Runnels, Roger Sawyer, Mark Reynolds, and Al Pell.  Over the years, each has provided generous support to the lodge and has been a crucial part of our “tech” history.  We would not have had the progress we have had without their support and encouragement.


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