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Past District Deputy Grand Masters from Conroe Lodge #748

McCOLLUM, ALAN2009-12-05 to 2010-12-04
MAY, JAMES SINCLAIR2000-12-02 to 2001-12-08
SHERROD, BRENT SCOTT1992-12-05 to 1993-12-04
MC RIGHT, R. C.1981-12-05 to 1982-12-04
PATTERSON, L. M.1979-12-08 to 1960-12-06
CALCOTE, CHARLES E.1973-12-06 to 1974-12-05
ETHERIDGE, O.1969-12-04 to 1970-12-03
SHERROD, WARREN W.1968-12-05 to 1969-12-04
JONES, LEO T.1966-12-08 to 1967-12-07
CRENSHAW, J. E. (died)1964-12-03 to 1965-
HOUSER, EMMITT E.1960-12-08 to 1961-12-07
COE, G. M.1959-12-03 to 1960-12-08
MAIN, CLAUDE C.1953-12-03 to 1954-12-02
STILL, T. B.1952-12-04 to 1953-12-03
REED, W. E.1949-12-09 to 1950-12-07
COX, FLOYD1948-12-02 to 1949-12-09
WYATT, E. R.1946-12-05 to 1947-12-04
WYATT, E. R.1945-12-06 to 1946-12-05
SIMS, JOHN M.1941-12-04 to 1942-12-02
SIMS, JOHN M.1940-12-05 to 1941-12-04
HUNT, R. L.1937-12-02 to 1938-12-08
WEST, J. H.1928-12-06 to 1929-12-05
WEST, J. H.1927-12-08 to 1928-12-06
MORRIS, JR., A. W.1916-12-07 to 1917-12-06
MORRIS, JR., A. W.1915-12-09 to 1916-12-07
THARP, D. C.1900-12-06 to 1901-12-05
THARP, D. C.1899-12-07 to 1900-12-06
THARP, D. C.1898-12-08 to 1899-12-07
THARP, D. C.1897-12-09 to 1898-12-08